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Welcome to Eleventh Hour!
We are a guild composed of several friends who have raided together for a long time.

Our premise is simple: we are about the people, not the characters. We are about creating a place for friends and others to play together and have fun, where members will have the option to join in progression as they like (raiding not required).

If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us in game.
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Oct 13, 2009 at 01:51 PM
Guild Leader
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EH's Final Hour

To all current and former Eleventh Hour members,

Perhaps the saddest post I've ever had to write ---- Eleventh Hour will be closing it's doors today.

This guild has bypassed a lot of the common smaller guild pitfalls and has risen above several events that would normally bring a guild to a halt. However, our luck has run out and the rebuild time would be just too great.

This people of this guild have been unlike any others I've ever met. You guys made this place a real home and a wonderful environment for many, and it's commentary like that that I've heard from other people through the realm. When people speak of Eleventh Hour members it's always with a note of respect. Where other players may treat their guild as simply a name over their head, you guys fought hard to build the guild into something great and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of that.

Anthony has been working hard to help find open spots in other guilds for some of our members who wish to continue raiding. If you have any questions about joining another raiding guild please let him or I know and we will do what we can to help.

While the names above our heads may change, we will always be here on this server. Many of you are on my friends list so we can still contact people for a 5-man or just to say "Hola".

Thank you all for an amazing year!

~ Mel
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